The Orchard, a Wellbeing Initiative program, strives to connect individuals with mental health challenges to a community that empowers recovery. It is an incredibly exceptional opportunity for people who struggle with mental health challenges to create genuine connections with others who have shared experiences.

The Orchard is the gateway to a wealth of community resources as well as to the other activities, trainings, and support groups offered through Wellbeing Initiative. It is entirely unique in that it provides an easily accessible and inclusive environment for people in recovery to find resources, support and encourage one another, exercise independence, as well as to participate in activities designed to promote recovery and give back to the community. Our distinctive approach to peer support provides a comprehensive program.

People previously struggling alone now have a place to come sit quietly, visit, play games, and build new connections. It will bridge the gap between clinical services in a comfortable, trauma informed environment.



Monday: 10am – 8pm

Tuesday: 10am – 8pm

Wednesday: 10am – 8pm

Thursday: Noon – 8pm

Friday 10am- 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 8pm

Sunday: CLOSED

300 S. 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Get Involved
The Orchard relies very much on the participation of our members and contributions from the community! There are so many ways to be invested and give back! Learn more about volunteering your time or check out a list of items we frequently need!


The Orchard is looking for quality, dedicated people who are looking for the next step in their recovery journey!

Being a volunteer at the Orchard means using the expertise you have gained through your own challenges and experience with mental health to walk along side others who long to know they are not alone. Together we can explore recovery, fight stigma, and impact mental health services in a positive way.
We believe this starts right here at the Orchard.
An Orchard volunteer is dedicated to their recovery, excited to share their journey and learn from their peers, and will protect every member’s right to be the expert in their own recovery.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Skylar Linn
Support Groups & Workshops
There are several support groups, workshops, and activities offered at the Orchard throughout the week. Learn more about each group and meet the facilitators or subscribe to our events calendar!
Support GroupsWorkshopsEvents Calendar
Our forums are an online extension of the Orchard Community. Our online community is a private forum to help protect confidentiality and allow for freedom to talk about whatever challenges and victories you’re facing.
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New mental wellness center

Posted By: Laurann Robinson