Covid-19 Emergency

Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. and Society of Care are working together through a Covid-19 Emergency funds grant with SAMHSA to increase and improve Peer Support Services in Native American Communities across Nebraska. This program focuses on implementation of Peer Support Specialists within provider agencies. 

Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is working with Society of Care and other members of the Native American Community to alter the current Peer Support curriculum to be culturally appropriate for Native American recipients of Peer Support.

This program is working to create sustainability for Peer Support Services within Native American Communities. Both Urban and Rural Native communities experience disparities in the number of culturally appropriate providers to their communities. Native American Peer Support Specialists help bridge the gap between recipients of behavioral health services in these communities and the behavioral health services within them. Our work together is meant to help providers navigate implementation, sustainability, billing, supervision, and ethics related to Peer Support Service Providers.

As the final piece of this project, Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. provides special program education to Native American Providers through evidence based practices such as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)  and WHAM (Whole Health Action Management). WHEST (Whole Health Employment Support and Training) and SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) are also accessible to all Peer Support Specialist Providers within this program.

Peer Support Training

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