Region V Systems Consumer Representative

The Region V Consumer Representative, Chris Allende,  serves as an advocate and liaison to consumers of behavioral health services, including consumers of services which are designed to lead toward wellness and recovery from mental health and substance use challenges. This includes but is not limited to meeting with consumers of all ages, their families and support system, throughout the Region V geographic area. 

Chris Allende

Chris Allende

Region V Systems Consumer Representative

The 4 main areas of focus for the Region V community:

Local, State, & Legislative Advocacy- Chris and other members of the Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. serve on multiple committees, boards, and workgroups to advocate at the local and state levels. Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is also building working relationships with senators and local mayors within Region V to promote the needs of the behavioral health community.

Service Delivery- As a Peer Support Specialist, Chris, works to create and promote best practices for Peer Support Specialists in Region V. He uses recovery resource advocacy to connect consumers with appropriate behavioral health services.

Personal Professional Growth & Leadership- Chris works to increase the training and education provided to Peer Support Specialists and consumers by increasing funding for those opportunities. Chris also provides Peer Support training, WRAP, SMART, and Whole Health Employee Support and Training.

Consumer & Family Advocacy- Through satisfaction surveys, consumer contact, and quality improvement suggestions based on survey results, Chris acts as a voice for consumers to their behavioral health providers in Region V.

Peer Support Training

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