Whole Health Employment Support and Training (WHEST)


WHEST is much more than a basic job skills program.

This 11-week program will review several areas of focus to help improve your: 

Soft skills like communication, time management, and conflict resolution

Whole health wellness like hygiene, nutrition, finances, and organizational skills

Using technology including using a smartphone, searching the internet, managing social media, and Microsoft Office

Skills on the job in any job including customer service skills and workplace ethics.


Applying for a job including resume building, job applications, dress codes and interviewing skills



 This program is facilitated by Peer Support Specialists in a strengths-based, person centered way. Along with the basic 11-week curriculum, participants can expect to receive mentorship in the following areas:

Basic Empowerment



Employment Search




Guidance in the First 3 Months of Employment as it Relates to Relationships with Coworkers and Supervisors, Job Duties, and Ethics



Leadership Skills Building




Mentorship in the Discovery of Personal Strengths




Employment Support

Participants will learn job readiness skills to support them in obtaining gainful employment. This Whole Health approach to employment incorporates the use of soft skills, mentorship, and leadership development to support a strength-based, person centered pathway to occupational wellness. Peer Support Specialist facilitators provide guidance to individuals in the first 3 months of employment modeling healthy professional relationships and “on the job” ethics.

Mentorship & Leadership

The Whole Health Employment Support and Training (WHEST) program  provides mentorship in the development of professional goals,  discovery of personal strengths, and the continued building of leadership skills. Participants are encouraged to continue mentorship relationships with the Peer Support Specialist facilitators. For those who complete the WHEST curriculum, and have interest, we do offer a track which allows individuals to learn about peer support and eventually take the Peer Support Training.

Peer Support Training

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