Peeriodical Peer Support Training


Peeriodical Nebraska Peer Support Training is a 60 hour comprehensive training for individuals interested in becoming a peer support specialist or to further their knowledge in peer support. This state certified curriculum is a 40 hour face to face training and 20 hours of online training.


When are you doing Peer Support Training?

We currently have multiple scheduled, with one being held every month throughout 2023, though they fill up quickly. While registering, you will be presented with the option to opt-in to being on the waitlist for an earlier training if a slot opens up.

Where do you hold Peer Support Training?

We often wait until we are closer to the date to decide if it will be virtually held on Zoom or in person. 

How do I register?

Click the link below that says “Begin to Register Here”. If you qualify for our training, you will receive an email with the links to register for the individual trainings! Please note that while you respond yes to almost all questions, you will need a no to the APS/CPS registry question at the end to qualify. It’s easy to miss.

How long does training take?

Our Peer Support Training is 40 hours in-person and 20 hours of self-directed onlines to get the certificate. The in-person portion is 5 days of 8-5 CST. This certificate will allow you to apply to the state for certification testing.

How do I get certified?

Upon completion of the in-person and online trainings, you will be given the information needed to apply to test with the state. This can take 30-60 days to get scheduled at the testing center. The test is $125.

The 5 Primary Tools are:

1. Authentic Engagement

2. Conscious Exploration

3. Personal Wellness

4. Empowered Advocacy

5. Possible Together

The Domains of PEERiodical curriculum include:



Peer Support Basics

Lived Experience

Health, Wellness, and Recovery


Leadership and Advocacy

Crisis Management; Collaboration and Teamwork


Recovery Planning

Personalizing Peer Support


Resources, Services, and Supports

Professional Growth and Development

Through several competency checks, role plays, and quizzes, the practical skills learned throughout this course are ready to be applied in real-life circumstances upon completion of this course.

Wellbeing Initiative

The Mission of Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is to empower individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges to reach their fullest potential. We strive to do this by cultivating communities through training, education, and opportunities for success.

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