A Tribute Gift is a unique way of celebrating a special occasion or loved one. From a birthday or anniversary gift to a memorial honoring someone’s passing, Wellbeing Initiative’s Tribute Gift Program recognizes life’s milestones. By providing the opportunity to celebrate one another, we can create strong relationships and move towards healing.

When you make a Tribute Gift, a personalized card is sent to the individual(s) being honored.  You will also receive a letter of acknowledgement, with the amount included for your records.  All donations of $100 or more will be recognized on Wellbeing Initiative’s Annual Report!

Please use the button below to make a Tribute Gift online. If you would like additional information or assistance making a Tribute Gift, please contact our Chief Visionary Officer Danielle Smith at (531) 254-5451 or

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The Mission of Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is to empower individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges to reach their fullest potential. We strive to do this by cultivating communities through training, education, and opportunities for success.

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