Wellbeing Initiative serendipitously came into my life about a year ago, after several mentions from acquaintances.  I have my own recovery story, and with five years of sobriety, I’m always looking at how to help those in the community that struggle with addiction. I feel extremely honored to be asked to serve as a board member for this amazing organization. What I loved the most about WBI is the peer support model.  As someone who spent many years feeling alone in my addiction, I love that there is an organization dedicated to finding those with lived experience and helping one another through very dark times. Treatment facilities are dealing with a tough situation–waitlists are getting longer.  WBI is creating a safety net to stay connected with those seeking help and offering support, while waiting for treatment. The holistic health approach is also amazing!  I’m a yoga teacher, studio owner, and I openly claim that yoga has saved my life.  And this is just one modality that WBI is offering to the public to helping with overall health. I love that WBI is here in our community.  Please support their mission, so we can continue to help those that need it most.

Brianna Georgeson

WBI Board Member, Owner & Yogi at Wild Root Yoga

About four years ago, I was introduced to the people who make Wellbeing Initiative possible, and its mission. I came into contact with their organization because of how much addiction and the world of recovery had become part of my life. Although not an addict myself, many important people in my life, including my husband, have lived and struggled with substance use disorder.


Some of these loved ones have succeeded in maintaining recovery with the right pathways, while others, unfortunately, have lost their battle with addiction. This was often due to an inability to find the proper support channels.
I have witnessed the desperate need for additional resources for those living with addiction, both directly and indirectly. Through new relationships made, and the unwavering belief of their new-found recovery support groups, I have seen the strong impact that comes after receiving direct, free assistance from peers with lived experience in addiction and recovery. That’s what Wellbeing Initiative can provide for those individuals experiencing mental health struggles and/or substance use disorder. In a word: support.


After decades working in accounting and finance, I was retired, but had become such a believer in the mission of Wellbeing Initiative, that I applied for a position with their organization. Since joining the team, I have seen even more of their impact model firsthand. This is how much I believe in the power of peer support through Wellbeing Initiative.


I’d love for you to become a believer as well.
Co Nygren

Director of Finance

Wellbeing Initiative

The Mission of Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is to empower individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges to reach their fullest potential. We strive to do this by cultivating communities through training, education, and opportunities for success.

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